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Gainesville High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers

In every divorce, the parties must resolve a number of potentially difficult issues. When one or both spouses have substantial assets, the equitable distribution of assets can be especially complex. Many professionals live in Gainesville and the surrounding areas. The University of Florida employs many professors and administrators. In addition, the North Florida Regional Medical Center and Shands at the University of Florida, a teaching hospital, employ numerous physicians. If you and your spouse own significant assets, it is critical to work with lawyers who can present a strong case on your behalf.

High-Asset Clientele

At Arroyo & Talbert, P.A., our Gainesville high net worth divorce attorneys have extensive experience representing individuals of substantial means in divorce proceedings. We can help you address the unique issues surrounding your divorce, allowing you to move forward from this momentous event on favorable terms. Contact us online today.

Business Valuations Help To Ensure An Equitable Distribution Of Marital Property

One of the most common issues high net worth individuals face in divorce is establishing the fair value of a business. If you or your spouse owns a professional practice, a closely held company or other business, it is crucial to determine the value of this entity. At Arroyo & Talbert, our lawyers regularly work with commercial appraisers and other experts to find out exactly what a business is worth. We will also work diligently to determine the value of other marital property such as real estate, retirement accounts, pensions and stocks. If you or your spouse owns artwork, antiques or other unique items, we will seek the proper evaluation of these items as well. 

Our law firm will also look at any other issues unique to your situation such as the existence of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Attorneys Alison Talbert has been practicing law since 1990 and Maritza Arroyo since 1989.  Each bring years of legal experience to every case. Whether your divorce is ultimately resolved in settlement negotiations, mediation or litigation, we will protect your rights throughout the process. Each of our lawyers served more than 10 years as Assistant State Attorneys in Alachua County. Our trial experience is invaluable if your divorce eventually proceeds to trial.

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